About Us

Frightmasters University is the first of it’s kind. A complex online training course FOR haunters BY haunters!


We at Frightmasters University have been performers, special FX artists, haunt managers , and haunt consultants for years. We have encountered many people from different haunts in different areas, but one thing we have noticed is the lack of in-depth training some haunters have. Now granted each haunt has their own system of training, but the reality of it is there just isn’t enough time to get your entire staff trained and ready to maximize your haunt’s scare factor before the season arrives. It’s impossible.

Now there are also tradeshows, conventions, and independent consultants that offer s eminars for your haunt, but those are limiting as well. Again there is just not enough time to pack in everything that needs to be taught, plus not everyone can attend these seminars due to travel and every day life obligations. So we at Frightmasters University thought about how to tackle this problem. Well the solution to us was simple. Create an online training school of sorts that could be available to everyone to watch, read, and learn at their leisure!

Thus Frightmasters University was born…

What we offer is unique to the industry. Our classes are completely available online and can be accessed any time on your computer, tablet, or phone. Each class consists of three parts:

  1. Video: Each class contains a lecture video taught by an industry professional in the various fields the class focuses on. Our instructors will go over in-depth the topic of the class in clear and concise ways to make learning as easy as possible. These training videos are available on the site and can be watched anytime and anywhere through our site’s HTML5 player.
  2. Reading Material: Each class will contain a downloadable PDF file of reading material covered in the class videos with additional information. These materials are yours to download and keep and can be printed for easy access.
  3. Test: Each class is completed with an online test covering what was taught in both the video and in the reading material. Passing scores at the end of the test will receive a certificate of completion which can be printed for your records to take to various haunts you want to work with. As time goes on our goal is to work with as many professional haunts as possible so each certificate will be recognized and it will be clear the level of training you already have.

Firghtmasters University is also implementing a forum section on the site for enrolled students to interact with. This forum section is designed with the intention to create a platform of questions and answers as well as encourage interaction with other students and the instructors. Our site is growing and more classes and features are being added as quickly as possible so even if you have taken the courses you want be sure to check back and see what’s new as time goes on.

We have developed various ways to customize the courses you want to take. Each class can be purchased separately or you can sign up for various course packages at a discounted cost. You have complete control over your education path here at Frightmasters University. We even offer a platinum package which will give you unlimited access to the entire site for a full year! Haunt owners can contact us if they wish to purchase access for their entire staff to various courses. Every paid member will have access to the forum section of our site as well to be able to be an active part of the school community no matter if you take one course or all of them.

Our classes and courses are on schedule to be released in the Spring of 2018. Please watch our Facebook page and our blog for announcements and news.

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